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Welcome to the Wizard's world of animation, graphics, web design tips and tools. I'm glad you stopped by on your journey through cyberspace, and sure hope you come back often. Let me introduce myself, I'm the Wizard. I currently work as an IT Administrator for a plumbing distributor.  I design custom graphics and commercial web sites when I can find the time.

For those of you who want to have your own site on the web but can't afford to have someone else design it for you, I have gathered together some of my research in the hope that it will make your adventure in creating your own web presence more fun and less tedious. Come on in and see what the Wizard has under that hat!    

Web Page Design & Reference

Web Page Art

Miscellaneous Pages

Basic Design Tips
just what it says!

Animation Library


a few coding examples


Christmas Page

Hex Color Codes
choose colors for your page



HTML Code Reference
all HTML 3.0 codes with descriptions



Web Dictionary


Internet Acronyms 
Meanings for those annoying letter-words like  HTML





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